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- 3.78lt Rp.130.500, 18.9lt Rp.624.500

Harga: Rp.130.500


Odorless & Antibacterial Paint DS-490 - cat anti bakteri dan microba yang bebas bau

Harga Pricelist:
2.5lt Rp.225.000, 20lt Rp.1.700.000

Apple White 8109, Aqua Marine 6102, Barley White 1101, Blue Crystal 6101, Brilliant White 8114, Broken White 8108, Butternut 1110, Calm Grey 7110, Camelia White 7111, Cascade 1113, Delicate Yellow 8115, Evening Tide 1119, Lavender 3101, Lotus 1134, Lovely Blue 5104, Malt 1142, Mirror Lake 7112, Peach Cloud 1131, Peach Whisper 2106, Salmon 3103, Sky Light 6104, Sky Violet 5111, Snow Drop 8112, White 9101.

Harga Pricelist:
2.5lt Rp.242.500, 20lt Rp.1.840.000

Lemon 8204, Orchid 4103, Petal Pink 3107, Sassy Lilac 4108, Vintage Map 7105, Vintage Violet 4106
DECORSAFEDetail Produk
DECORSAFE Odorless and Anti Bacterial Paint DS – 490 is an environmentally friendly odorless and anti bacterial paint for interior wall and ceiling surfaces that made from special odorless acrylic emulsion (low VOC/Volatile Organic Compound, solvent free, formaldehyde free and ammonia free) with special color pigment and Microban® anti bacterial.

There is no paint odor during and after painting process, also ideal for repainting occupied space, where peoples are sensitive or allergic to paint odor.This product also give extra protection against bacteria such as E. Coli and Staphylococcus aureus as well as mold and fungus.

This quality provides good adhesion to the substrate, washable, easy to apply, excellent coverage and hiding power, less spattering, and excellent flow and leveling. It is suitable for painting interior wall and ceiling in hospitals, pharmaceuticals industry, bed rooms, schools, offices, hotels, public spaces, restaurants, food and beverages industries, etc.


Decorsafe® with Microban® give long term protection against bacteria, mould and fungus
Decorsafe® efectivity with Microban® not descend as time goes by and still good even it wash.
Decorsafe® is safe for human and environment because it doesn't contain heavy metal (lead and mercury) and dangerous chemical substance.
Decorsafe® with ULoV technology has chemical substance that easy to vapor and low odor.
Decorsafe® is ready to apply in old/painted wall, that condition of the painted wall still good or doesn't get peeled off.
Decorsafe® is made with a special formulation that is easy to apply by anyone and doesn't spatter.

Harga: Rp.225.000


PU Floor Coating for Natural Stone

Harga Pricelist: 1ltset Rp.90.000

Harga: Rp.90.000


MULTIPOX is made from high quality epoxy resin with excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and is specially designed for top coat over various substrates.

Harga Pricelist:
-Clear Gloss Rp.78.500

-White, Ivory, Light Grey, Light Alabaster, Beige, Pale Green, Leaf Green, Light Blue, Black: Rp.85.000

-Gentian Blue, Geranium, Traffic Yellow: Rp.95.000
MULTIPOX MX-99Detail Produk
- Clean Room
- Hygienic Room
- Classroom
- Kitchen
- Laboratory
- Production Room
- Swimming Pool, Fountain

-2 (two) Component high build Epoxy Resin
-Resistant to household chemicals
-Excellent Adhesion
-Excellent resistance to abrasion
-12 choice of decorative colors in addition to clear

Harga: Rp.95.000


Ultran Politur P-03 UV is is a high performance politur based on flexible alkyd resin, formulated with high quality pigments, extra UV absorber and reinforced with fungicide and insecticide. Ultran Politur P-03 UV is specially designed for housing component which is exposed to sunlight and rain, such as: lisplang, pergola, wood fence, side wall, gazebo, etc.

Harga Pricelist: 1lt Rp.57.500

Brown AR, Brown KJ, Dark Brown, Mahony, SHP Brown, Solar Red, Dolar Yellow, Teak.

Harga Pricelist: 1lt Rp.52.900
Maize, Tropical Teak, Padaouk, Red Wood, Walnut

Harga Pricelist: 1lt Rp.68.000
Natural Gloss, Natural Doff

Harga: Rp.68.000


Ultran Yunior P-05 is made from modified urethane resin and pigment. This product is designed for interior and exterior wooden houses, economist and easy to apply. It is used as a transparent coloring and also as top coat for joineries such as doors, windows, etc.

Harga Pricelist: 1lt Rp.43.500

Brown KJ, Bali Yellow, Dark Mahony, Ebony, Mahony, SHP Brown, Solar Yellow, Teak, Walnut

ULTRAN YUNIOR P-05Detail Produk
-Especially designed for tropical climate (exposed to sunlight and rain) and exposes the natural beauty of wood grain
-Give your home protection from UV light, wood flea and white ants

Harga: Rp.43.500

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