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Mowilex started manufacturing its first paint product in Indonesia on the early March 1970. During the period, raw materials were so hard to find within the local market, causing more troubles to import almost all of them. Creating more disarray, paint suppliers had also been flooding the market from all over the world, leading to a strict market share between both local and foreign suppliers.

With dreams and ambitions to create high quality decorative paints, Mowilex continued to strive in order to be the customers' only choice for local paint product acknowledged with international quality. Thus became one of the reasons why we decided to enhance the quality of our service, by creating an adjustment towards our collection of paint products. Moreover, the allocation of our company's factory also played a giant role in enhancing our working progress and results.

During 1981 to 1991, Mowilex earned complete support from Berger Paints, an internationally renowned paint producer in England. The partnership leads to several major breakthroughs in terms of quality, marketing strategy, as well as our promotional items (colour chart and packaging design for example).

Back in 1987, Mowilex took a significant step by executing a big adjustment over our paint measurement. We no longer used kilogram to measure our paint quantity, nevertheless we change it into litre. We believe that by producing cans of paint in liters, we will be able to differentiate ourselves over thousands of brands in the market who currently offering their products only in kilograms. Apart from that, Mowilex also wishes to promote the correct techniques for excellent painting results to all of our beloved customers, through special shows and exhibitions.

The year 2005 was a very awarding year for Mowilex, since at that very moment the value of Mowilex's market share were rising high towards other high quality decorative paint companies.

Nowadays, Mowilex has also been acknowledged as an international product and had been proudly used for the development of premium residences, building management, renowned hotels and apartments. Our achievements lead us to a belief that we will continuously become the market leader for the high quality decorative paint companies in Indonesia. (

Mowilex Roof Paint

Mowilex Roof Paint adalah Cat genteng berbahan dasar 100% acrylic bermutu tinggi yang dibuat khusus untuk melapisi dan memperindah permukaan genteng yang terbuat dari tanah liat, semen, asbestos (fibre cement) dan beton. Memiliki ketahanan terhadap cuaca dan sinar ultraviolet dari matahari.
Mowilex Roof PaintDetail Produk
1. Berbahan dasar air (water-based)
2. Cepat kering dan tidak berbau
3. Penyerapan debu rendah
4. Kualitas warna bertahan lama
5. Bebas timbal, merkuri, cadmium dan chromium
6. Tahan terhadap serangan jamur dan lumut.

TYPE : 100% Acrylic Emulsion.
COLOUR : Refer to the colour charts.
VARNISH : Semi-doff.
WEIGHT : 1.20 kg / litre.
SPREAD : 17 m2 / litre for 20 micron of thickness (dry).
8.5 m2 / litre for 40 micron of thickness.
DRYING TIME (depends on the air humidity):
Surface dry : ½ hour.

Pilihan warna:
Tile Brown-Tile Dark Brown-Tile Antique-Tile Black-Tile Dark Red-Tile Maroon-Tile Dark Green-Tile Imperial Green-Tile Red-Tile Redwood-Tile Dark Grey-Tile Dark Blue-Tile White-Tile Golden-Tile Green-Tile Blue Green.

Harga: Rp.179.900

Mowilex Weathercoat

Weathercoat - Premium Exterior Wall Paint

Warna tembok luar akan menciptakan persepsi tertentu dari suatu bangunan. Pengaplikasian cat dengan hasil akhir sentuhan warna yang senantiasa cemerlang dari waktu ke waktu akan menambah persepsi positif bagi siapapun yang memandangnya. Mowilex Weathercoat mampu menciptakan bangunan berkesan premium dengan sentuhan hasil akhir warna yang cemerlang dan tahan lama terhadap segala kondisi cuaca.

Mowilex Weathercoat marupakan cat tembok eksterior, tersedia dalam berbagai macam pilihan warna yang dibuat dengan menggunakan formulasi bahan-bahan khusus bermutu tinggi dan berbahan dasar 100% acrylic untuk memberikan perlindungan dan keindahan warna yang dapat bertahan lama.

- Berbahan dasar air (water-based)
- Tahan terhadap perubahan cuaca dan sinar UV matahari.
- Tahan terhadap serangan jamur dan lumut.
- Hasil akhir warna-warni yang indah & cemerlang serta bertahan lama.
- Bebas timbal dan merkuri

Harga: Rp.261.400

Mowilex Emulsion

Emulsion - Premium Interior Wall Paint

Warna menjadi bagian penting dalam mendekorasi ruangan karena warna memberikan nuansa, menciptakan atmosfer, membuat ruangan menjadi lebih hidup, dan menyatukan sekaligus membedakan ruangan. Hanya dalam sekejap, warna mampu mengubah tatanan interior maupun perasaan seseorang yang berada didalamnya.

Perpaduan warna-warni yang serasi dalam ruangan mampu menciptakan keindahan serta perasaan tertentu bagi penghuni ruangan di dalamnya. Mowilex Emulsion merupakan solusi tepat bagi Anda yang menginginkan hasil akhir dengan sentuhan warna-warni interior yang modern dan elegan.

Mowilex Emulsion merupakan cat tembok interior yang tersedia dalam berbagai macam pilihan warna, dibuat dengan menggunakan formulasi bahan-bahan khusus bermutu tinggi sehingga menutup dengan sempurna dan memberikan sentuhan warna-warni cemerlang untuk segala jenis ruangan Anda.
- Berbahan dasar air (water based)
- Daya tutup yang sempurna
- Bebas timbal dan merkuri (no lead & mercury)

Harga: Rp.157.700

Mowilex VIP (Varia Indahnya Putih)

Mowilex Emulsion Wall Paint VIP Colour with the specifically formulated and high quality veova results in a matte finish. Explore the beautifully sparkling white colour selection and be inspired by the pure and luxurious white walls.

Harga: Rp.164.100

Mowilex Acrylic Gloss Enamel

Mowilex AGE adalah cat kayu besi acrylic berbahan dasar air (water base).

Harga: Rp.98.300

Mowilex Vinyl Silk

A high quality semi-gloss wall paint to decorate your wall with better scuff and wear resistance. Good for any surfaces that is often handled, washed or scrubbed frequently. It has better moisture resistance, easy stain removal, better protection for mildew and algae, and also the ultimate in durability.

Harga: Rp.206.550