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Water Repellent untuk Batuan Alam, Granit dan Marmer (Anti Jamur)

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A single-pack solvent-containing impregnation based on Siloxane with good penetrative properties. It is water repellent (hydrophobic).


Impregnation for mineral substrates such as concrete and plaster surfaces, natural stone, aerated concrete, brickwork and blockwork, asbestos cement, mineral paint coats etc. against driving rain and dampness.
Characteristics and Advantages

Sikagard-700 S ID enetrates deeply into the substrates, dries tackfree and is highly alkaline resistant. It develops a very durable chemical cohesion with silicates in the substrate.
It provides a very good impregnation against rain; it does not, however, stop diffusion of vapour. The appearance of the structure is not changed.

Slightly yellowish

900 ml

Harga: Rp.69.300

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