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Ultran Politur P-03 UV is is a high performance politur based on flexible alkyd resin, formulated with high quality pigments, extra UV absorber and reinforced with fungicide and insecticide. Ultran Politur P-03 UV is specially designed for housing component which is exposed to sunlight and rain, such as: lisplang, pergola, wood fence, side wall, gazebo, etc.

Harga Pricelist: 1lt Rp.57.500

Brown AR, Brown KJ, Dark Brown, Mahony, SHP Brown, Solar Red, Dolar Yellow, Teak.

Harga Pricelist: 1lt Rp.52.900
Maize, Tropical Teak, Padaouk, Red Wood, Walnut

Harga Pricelist: 1lt Rp.68.000
Natural Gloss, Natural Doff
Berat : 1

Harga: Rp.68.000

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