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PT. Gajah Tunggal Prakarsa grows as a manufacturer of a wide range of high quality coating products. We have provided decoration and colour to Indonesia for the last three decades. Founded on our commitment to human resources development, we continue to strive for new ways to provide the very best product and service to our customers. The award of ISO 9001:2000 status from SGS underscores our commitment to quality.

The wide selection of well-known, high quality products manufactured by GT Prakarsa is being used in the automotive industry, shipbuilding and the production of electrical and home appliances. In addition, we manufacture heavy-duty coating products which protect surfaces against the extremes of weather and chemical corrosion.

GT Prakarsa also produces a wide selection of high quality decorative paints which beautify and protect buildings and homes. Included in the decorative paint category are paints for the finishing of wood, metal and wall. We have earned a reputation as an expert in wood coating. Our wood and rattan finishing products are recognized for their outstanding performance to protect and enhance the natural grain of surfaces.

We are proud to add decoration and color to our beautiful country through our range of quality product. We endeavor to ensure that our customers, too, will feel proud to be users of our products
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